“New Economy lives and breathes start-up culture. They are focused, creative, and always willing to go the extra mile and do whatever is need to find solutions and implement them quickly. It’s very rare to find a team with such technical accounting expertise who also shares the passion and start-up mentality of our team.”


— Tyler Gage, Founder & Co-CEO of Runa

“New Economy provides our company with valuable and adaptable CFO and accounting support that has grown and evolved as our business has grown and evolved. New Economy provides us with insights and forecasts that enable us to make smart business decisions, maximize our resources to generate growth, and have been an invaluable resource and part of the team.”


— Matt Puglisi, CEO of Netrias

“Running your start-up is a 36-hour-a-day job, and to truly scale and be positioned for venture funding and big company partnerships, you need a financial and accounting whiz – like New Economy – that can keep things in order and more importantly be that sounding board to help you plan for the big leagues. New Economy gets entrepreneurs, because it’s run by entrepreneurs.”


— Max Winograd, CEO at Nulabel Technologies