We had an itch and decided to scratch it. We saw an underserved market with smart people doing cool things and we wanted in.

We view ourselves as a partner helping you to push the rock up the hill. We are a super responsive, high touch point firm that focuses on setting meeting rhythms and cadences.

We hire employees. We want them drinking the kool-aid and immersed in our mission and core values. We want their overall approach to be the New Economy Way.

Both. We are capable of working 100% remote, but we would love a visit to put a face to a name. (Especially if your office is by surf spots.)

No. We can work with you and your current set up or, if it makes sense for you and your company, we have a system stitched together.

Investor backed startups and growing small businesses.

We unleash the full potential of the entrepreneur by providing solutions to your pain points in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting, finance and tax.

We hire the best and the brightest. We hire fast and firer faster. We provide team members with 40 hours of paid technical training. Every job is reviewed for a quality control perspective before going to the client.

Yes. We work with growing companies. We utilize a scheduling platform to manage our employees time and assist with priorities and competing interest. We hire and train in advance of taking on new opportunities.

It depends on your needs. We create custom-tailored packages that can include bookkeeping, controllership, lite CFO work and/or tax support. Our packages are a fixed fee based on the value we deliver and are compatible with the market.