Top Takeaways to Grow Your Business from the EOS Conference

We run on EOS. 

EOS is the Entrepreneurs Operating System. It is a simple yet impactful operating system to run your business on.

It has helped up to 3x the business in a sustainable way.

If you want to learn more about EOS click here.

We recently attended the EOS conference in sunny San Diego.

The keynote speakers were motivating and inspiring.

The breakout sessions covered practical tips on leveraging the tools.

But the thing that really stuck out to us was the tone of the conference.

Everyone seemed to have a level of vulnerability that was so refreshing.

There were lots of top-notch leaders getting very honest with themselves and the people they were sharing their stories with.

We believe that Companies rise and fall based on leadership and management. 

So we wanted to share our top takeaways that you can apply to your business to help it grow.

In this article, you will learn about: 

  1. Top insights from the EOS conference
  2. Actionable steps you can take even if you don’t run on EOS
  3. Top 3 takeaways

Let’s dive in.


Top Insights from the EOS Conference

Even if you don’t run on EOS, the tools and insights can help you grow your business.

We are living proof that they work.

Attending the conference was like drinking from a fire hose.

We are going to blast you with a list of our insights from the speakers and then dive a bit deeper into a few that really resonated with us.

Here we go:

  1. Mastery of the right tools and critical skills is important to grow your business. So ask yourself, have I mastered “this tool” and do my results prove I have mastered this?
  2. Our greatest power lies in our ability to be fully present.
  3. Our proven process is critical to getting out of the commodity trap and helps customers and team members know what they will become.
  4. People are the number one thing to help your business grow. So ask yourself, what is the number one move I need to make each quarter?
  5. Success loves discipline.
  6. Discipline and consistency around the process will set you and your business free.
  7. Truth equals freedom. The more true you are with yourself and others, the more freedom you will experience.
  8. The more people that are vulnerable, the greater the chances of a breakthrough to happen.
  9. Constantly leverage the delegate to elevate the tool. This will help you as the CEO or leader to get to the next level.
  10. Identify and have the difficult customer or employee conversation you need to have. Then go have it.

These takeaways were golden nuggets offered up by the keynote speakers.

We are reflecting upon them and finding ways to apply them to our situations. And you can do this too.

As you can see, the tone was that of being open, honest, and having the courage to lean in to do the difficult work.

We are going to dive a little deeper into #1, #4, and #9 and tease out some actionable steps.

Actionable Steps You Can Take

As you can see we have identified 10 insights. Actually, there were more, but we are starting with these.

We believe that these learnings need to be applied in an effort to drive change which will drive success.

So we will break down our reflections on #1, #4, and #9 and provide some actionable “to-do’s” that we can all apply to our businesses.

Reflection #1 

Mastery of the right tools and critical skills is important to grow your business. So ask yourself, have I mastered “this tool” and do my results prove I have mastered this?

EOS has many tools. 

In fact, they have a toolbox that has about 20 tools that can be applied to help your business grow.

Click here to get a copy of the toolbox.

In the meantime, here are 3 of the tools:

  • The people Analyzer
  • The 3-step process documenter
  • Accountability chart

Let’s dive into the accountability chart.

The Accountability Chart (AC) is similar to your Organizational Chart.

The main difference is you are focused on listing the top 3-5 core functions the team member is accountable for in the seat they are sitting in.




Ok, so you get it.

The tool is pretty simple and straightforward.

But here is the question.

Have you mastered this tool and do your results prove that you have mastered it?

We believe a big part of success is driven by identifying the right seats and then getting the right people in those seats.

And businesses are constantly changing and growing.

Is your AC changing and growing every 90 days? 

Here are some indicators that you have probably not mastered this tool.

  • You had no changes in the AC over the past 90 days
  • You are frustrated with a team member that is not adding value
  • You are not achieving your annual goals 
  • You are not achieving your financial measurables

Many issues come down to people, it is a fact.

Your AC is a tool that will help you to identify the right seats and then the right people needed in the seats to win.

By win, we simply mean to achieve the things that you are trying to achieve.

At New Economy, we are going through an internal restructuring.

On the one hand, this is difficult. Sometimes it is easier to just keep moving as is.

However, we have realized that what worked for us in the past as it relates to people and the roles they performed to get us from $1M to $1.5M in revenue will not be the same as getting us from $1.5M to $2.5M in revenue.

And that is ok.

So mastery of this tool is an ongoing task.

Consider the following questions that may relate to actionable items for your Company:

  • Do you have an Accountability Chart or Organizational Chart? If not, your to-do is to create one.
  • If you do have one, have you updated it for the new quarter? If not, your to do is to update the seats to make sure you have the right structure in place to support your business over the next 12 months.
  • Do you have people who no longer fit in the seat they are in for whatever reason? If so, your to do is to determine if there is another seat for this team member. And to get the right people in the right seat.

This all sounds simple. 

In some ways it is but in other ways, it is not.

The tool requires mastery which entails going deep and doing the work.

This requires focus, intentionality, and often difficult decisions to be made.

And once you do this, you will start to see your business grow and produce the results you are looking to achieve.

Reflection #4 

People are the number one thing to help your business grow. 

People matter.

We believe every person has unique gifts, and strengths and loves to contribute to the mission, vision, and goals of every organization.

Your job is to find the right people and get them in the right seat. 

And this can be hard, especially with a growing business.

This should be an ongoing continuous process.

And let’s face it, with people, you encounter challenges.

Think for a moment.

Are you feeling frustrated about a team member? And to this point, you have spent a lot of time talking about that frustration and have not actually done something about it?

You are not alone. But you owe it to your Company, your customers, and your team to fix the people issue.


People are the ones that will help you achieve your goals.

Oh, and there is a tool for this, it is called the people analyzer which you can find here.

This tool measures employees against your core values and what you are asking them to do. You are trying to determine if they are receiving a “passing grade”. 

If they are not, then you give them 30 days to fix it by placing them on a development plan. And you give them a few chances over a 90 period.

If things don’t change, you counsel them out.

So, mastery of this tool is an ongoing task.

Consider the following questions that may relate to actionable items for your Company:

  • Do you provide your people with feedback every 90 days? And do you hold them accountable for areas where improvement is needed? If not, your to-do is to start booking meetings and provide real feedback.
  • Are you making key people moves every quarter? This requires some vision in your staffing plan. If you are not considering key hires to make every 90 days, start building out a future staffing plan based on the AC tool above.
  • Are you investing in training and development for your team? Especially your leaders and managers? If not, your to-do is to create a training budget and plan to increase your team’s skills which will allow them to contribute more value into your mission and goals.

This is simple stuff, but we often get distracted and don’t focus on things that matter, like people.

Do the work.


Reflection #9

Constantly delegate to elevate

Want to make $250,000 per year?

Then stop doing $25 per hour work.

That should get your attention 🙂 

And we actually did a longer post on this topic here.

As we grow and build our companies, AC charts, and people up, we need to let go of things that do not require our unique ability.

We need to constantly be pushing work down.

Every 90 days, we encourage folks to delegate one thing down.

This frees you up to focus on your top priorities that will get you closer to your goals.

Consider the following questions that may relate to actionable items for your Company:

  • Are you doing work that does not bring you joy or is not in your sweet spot? If so, your to do is to delegate this work to someone else.
  • Do you understand the things that only you can do based on your gifts? If not, your to-do is to reflect upon that. If so, your to do is to do a self-evaluation to make sure you are spending your time in that area.

These are some powerful insights, they are golden nuggets.

We have found that when we take this knowledge and apply it it becomes wisdom that changes things for the better.

You got this, let’s go!!


3 Key Takeaways

At New Economy, we want to help you gain control of your finances to make smart decisions. Part of that is understanding your finances and how to drive business performance.

Here are 3 key takeaways.

  1. We believe that you need to unplug and connect. We have found it very motivating, inspiring, and great learning opportunities to attend the annual EOS conference. So ask yourself, if you are investing enough yourself to fill yourself up so you can then fill up others.
  2. Master the tools. Maybe you don’t run on EOS but there are common business tools that require mastery. Make sure you have a solid understanding of these tools like the organizational chart, budget, and even scorecard. Master them as they will help you get the results you are looking for.
  3. People matter. You matter. Invest in yourself and the people around you. By leaning into tools and even taking the time to reflect on the insights mentioned above you will increase the probability of achieving your goals and financial measurables.

There you have it 🙂


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