Why Companies Choose New Economy as an Outsourced Accounting, Finance and Tax Partner

New Economy was designed to help entrepreneurs gain control of their finances and make smart decisions to build and grow their business

As an outsourced accounting, finance and tax partner, we do this by making you the hero (think Luke Skywalker), identifying your problems and challenges (think saving the galaxy), and we come in and play the role of guiding you to financial success (think Yoda).

We believe you deserve financial confidence to grow your business and want to be the reason you fall back in love with being an entrepreneur. 

Here’s how we will get you there: 

You are the Hero 

This is all about you. Your dreams. Your business. Your finances. Your success. 

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the ups and downs that you are going through to build your business. We understand how hard it is but we also know you’re up to it as you have plenty of passion, guts, and vision.

And we know, there are plenty of challenges awaiting our Hero. And every great hero needs a guide helping them solve problems and pointing them in the right direction behind the scenes. 

Every Hero has a Problem

As an entrepreneur, your issues and problems are abundant and financial issues can be overwhelming at times, especially since you didn’t start your business to manage the books, taxes, or accounting systems and processes. 

Some of the problems you may run into are: 

  • You lack the financial visibility to make decisions that drive your business forward. 
  • You are not getting your financials in a timely manner, meaning you lack real-time data and the ability to make quick changes to get your business back on track.
  • You have inaccurate financials, giving you a misrepresentation of your business. You are struggling to get the right person in the accounting and finance seat to move at your speed and provide timely and accurate financial information to build and grow your business. 
  • You are using processes and technology that aren’t adapting as your business is growing, which is causing inefficiencies and costing you money.
  • You are lacking strategic business or tax support.

Each of these issues puts your business in a tough position. They inhibit growth and add more work to your plate.

The Vision for Success

Having a great understanding of the problems and challenges facing entrepreneurs puts us in a  position to add value and help you achieve your goals.

So imagine the following:

  • Having a partner that is providing accurate financials on time that you can trust
  • Having a partner that will help you leverage financial information to make decisions
  • Having a partner that will help to ensure your financial systems and processes are working efficiently and evolving to meet the needs of the business
  • Having a strategic partner to help support the growth of the business
  • Having a strategic partner to ensure you are keeping up with the evolving tax changes  

Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about anything financial, accounting or tax-related and where you can spend your time focused on growing your business.

That’s where New Economy comes in as the guide.

We are the Guide to Success

At New Economy, our passion is to Unleash the full potential of the Entrepreneur.

We have come alongside many Entrepreneurs helping to put their pain points and problems at the center of our focus. This is why we’ve created a team and culture that is thirsting to make an impact and add value. 

Our goal is simple: to guide you to get the most out of your business finances so you can do what you love. 

In fact, our tagline is: Helping entrepreneurs gain control of their finances and make smart decisions. 

We truly believe with our support, your business can achieve the success you’ve envisioned from the beginning.

Here is what a few of our Heros have to say:

Linda Bohmbach – Owner/President of Sales at Home Healthsmith

We have felt uncertainty and concern about how the business was performing financially. But then we found New Economy! They helped us understand our financials better by providing cash flow projections, a budget, and a projection. These tools have removed some of the fear and uncertainty and helped us with decision-making. But the best is they are entrepreneurs just like us.”

Erica Wennerstrom CFO/ COO at Framework Homeownership

“I first found New Economy in 2016, when I joined a technology startup whose accounting processes and technology stack were lagging and not operating effectively. With their partnership, I was able to modernize our financial operations and count on timely and accurate financials. 

I have since worked with New Economy at two other companies, and each time relied on the New Economy team to help me tackle key financial operational challenges, including revamping the Chart of Accounts and financial statements, implementing new systems, and dealing with sales tax liabilities

Even in the midst of large operational projects, New Economy ensures that I always have a handle on the numbers to make smart decisions and a team I can count on. THANK YOU!”

Su Sanni – CEO at Dollaride

“Dollaride is a growing venture-backed startup. We’ve been focused on growing our business, but needed a partner that could step right in to provide us with financial visibility and own the process. The team at New Economy has helped us to get organized. 

Every month, they also provide key financial information that enables us to make smart decisions that build and grow our Company. We enjoy working with New Economy and highly recommend them!”

Want to Learn More About Working with New Economy as an Outsourced Accounting, Finance and Tax Partner? 

If you want to gain control of your finances and make smart business decisions, New Economy is the outsourced accounting partner for you. 

With our help, you’ll get the most out of your business and fall back in love with being an entrepreneur. 

Schedule an appointment with us so we can get an understanding of who you are, where your challenges lie, and how we can help.