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How to Create and Follow a Cash Forecasting Model

To help you understand how to create and follow a cash forecasting model, let us paint a picture for you.  The Hero Every hero has a story. And we are big fans of the hero. You are the hero in this story.  Picture yourself as Luke Skywalker.  You are the entrepreneur working really hard and […]

Case Study: Embr Labs

In the life of a startup, there are many twists and turns and the company must take massive maturing steps to evolve and meet every challenge.  Embr Labs, going from pre revenue in 2015 to millions in revenue today has taken many of those big steps and met the challenges in front of them.  And […]

Using a KPI Scorecard to Grow Your Business

Picture a small plane flying over the Pacific Ocean. Halfway across the pilot announces, “I’ve got good news and bad news”.  The bad news is the gauges are not working. We are lost and I have no idea how much fuel we have left, what direction we are headed, or how fast we are going. […]

How to Leverage Your Accounting Team to Reach Your 2023 Goals

As an entrepreneur, you understand the importance of accounting and its impact on your business. It plays just as essential a role as operations, sales, and marketing, so it’s imperative you build an accounting team that will carry out tasks with your business goals in mind. A strong accounting department  is comprised of people, systems […]

10 Things We are Grateful for as We Approach Christmas

Besides accountants, New Economy is made up of a team of deep thinkers and meditators. We are always looking ahead, however, we are also a reflective bunch who loves to take a step back and see our progress.  During our reflection periods, we tend to run into a common theme: there is no way New […]

Case Study: Home Health Smiths Transforms into Data-Driven Machine

From Juggling Tasks, to Alignment and Focus In any entrepreneurial endeavor, the greatest challenge often becomes managing resources. You always have more moving parts than you have hands to juggle those components.  This balancing act of maximizing resources often leads to massive amounts of anxiety, and wasted effort.  Managing cash.  Managing people. Managing time.  But […]

Master Your Year-End Planning

Believe it or not, it’s time to add year-end planning to your to-do list! It’s finally time to start preparing for the year ahead so you can position your business for success. At New Economy, we’ve also started this process, here’s a look at what it looks like for us. As year-end approaches, we think […]

How Your Accounting Process Fits with EOS

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a framework for running a business. It uses strategic vision, systems/processes, and ultimately data to keep track of progress. The framework focuses on people and guides them toward a successful business with the help of simple tools and principles.  EOS organizes the challenges you face every day by making […]